• ECC AQ (%) Selection Qtrs (8) Semi (4) Finals (2) Champion

    St Thomas Aquina ( 0 - 0)

    Probability Probability Probability Probability Probability Probability
    Date Team Name Conference Record Rating Score

    To see game schedules, game scores, game dates and power ratings for each team within a division, please click on the link to the right.


    The history of two teams who have played over the past 18 years is provided. The home or away site, the year, the score and overall record (W-L) as well as the average goals scored and allowed is included


    A list ofall recruits for each team is provided for the years 2020, through 2023 for both men and women Division I. The list includes Name, Year, State, Position and High School. A complete lists of all recruits for all teams in all divisions can be found under the Recruits Section of the main laxnumbers page.


    Player Impact Ratings is a tabulation of on-field data for each player based on goals, assists, turnovers, caused turnovers, face-off percentage, save percentage, ground balls etc. Each event has a weight associated with it and the sum of all events times the weight of that event represents the rating for that player. The list of players for each team is provided from best to worst. The greater the playing time the greater the opportunity to increasei stats and impact.

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