LaxEyes is a mobile APP offered on Apple's "iphone" and "Android" cell phones. To download the app,  
simply go the the APP Store and search for "laxeyes" and click on "get" or "update". 
It should take less than 10 seconds. The app offers "Rating" and "Recruit" data.
The App offers a quick reference to all 3 men and women's divisions and offers the following information: RATINGS Division Standings based on: (1) power rating (2) rating percentage index (rpi) (3) stength of schedule (sos) (4) quality win factor (5) automaatic qualification probability to the ncaa tournament (6) ncaa tournment selection probability (7) ncaa tournament championship probability (8) team schedules and game results (9) 'search' functionality RECRUITS (1) List of recruits for the past two years (2) Filters based on State, Division, College and Position (3) Player profile page including year, state, position, college, high school and club team
The app is fast and can answer reqests in less than a second.